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Isla Vista is a densely populated community with large amounts of street waste. Without proper management, waste run-off pollutes our community, oceans & beaches. Adopt-A-Block (AAB) encourages investment and involvement in the Isla Vista community. Community members volunteer in regular clean-ups to prevent pollution. Through AAB efforts, Isla Vista continues to be an environmentally safe and beautiful community. The Adopt-A-Block Program is sponsored by Goleta West Sanitary District.

Deltopia Cleanup

Adopt-A-Block provides simple ways for volunteers to make a significant impact on the Isla Vista environment through cleanups, outreach and education. Our goal is to engage volunteers in regular cleanups, outreach and education programs to ensure Isla Vista remains pollutant free.

Volunteer today and make a difference in your community! Groups and individuals are welcomed to volunteer weekly, monthly or during special cleanup events. Sign up today!

Adopt A Block is able to provide incentives and recognition to our volunteers due to generous donations from local businesses. Businesses can support specific events or provide ongoing rewards for our volunteers. To become an Adopt-A-Block sponsor, contact

Deltopia Cleanup 2015

We want to thank our Funder, Goleta West Sanitary District, our Co-Sponsors: Coastal Fund and IVCRC, our food sponsors: Pizza My Heart, Woodstock's Pizza Isla Vista, Giovanni's, Silvergreens, Monster Energy Drinks. And thank you to Al from Hempwise Isla Vista for the awesome donations and to the UCSB Women's Rowing Team for their donation as well.

A massive thank you to the volunteers that showed up to help clean IV (our program would be nothing without you!): Theta Pledge Class, Office of Student Life, Resident Halls Association, Phi Iota Alpha, Alpha Gamma Omega, Circle K International, Lambda Theta Nu, UCSB Health and Wellness, UCSB Grad Students Association, Phi Sigma Pi, Regents and Chancellors Scholars Association, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Gamma Alpha, Sigma Theta Psi, Delta Delta Delta, the Excursion Club, SBCC Geography, and all of the UCSB Resident Halls that showed up. AND all of the volunteers that showed up that were not part of an organization.

And a special thanks to UCSB's Circle K International Club that volunteered to help run the program and did an outstanding job!

How do I sign-up to come and volunteer?
If you would like help come and beautify Isla Vista by partaking in litter-removal please call to set up an appointment at 805.968.2017 x 24 or e-mail

What are the Adopt-A-Block hours of operation?
Adopt-A-Block operates 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Monday-Saturday.

What hours can I come and volunteer?
Volunteering hours occur from 9:00-4:00pm.

Can I receive community service hours for volunteering?
Yes, absolutely. At the district we provide forms which we sign for you to return to your agency or organization to receive community service credit.

Do I need to sign up in order to volunteer?
Adopt-A-Block appreciates when volunteers sign-up ahead of time so that the Adopt-A-Block Supervisor will be in the office when you come and volunteer. This allows the Supervisor to show you where the cleaning materials are located outside the office as well as inform you which area of Isla Vista needs the most attention.

Does Adopt-A-Block work with individuals from the Santa Barbara Probation Department to work off hours?
Yes, Adopt-A-Block offers a program with those individuals who need probation hours completed. In order to utilize this program the Santa Barbara Probation Department must get in contact with Adopt-A-Block.

What kind of projects do the Community Service Workers complete?
Community Service Workers depending on how many hours they have to complete will volunteer for the district by collecting trash and recyclables in Isla Vista or various painting projects to clean-up graffiti in Isla Vista.

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