Clean Up Stats!

Deltopia Cleanup 2015


We want to thank our Funder, Goleta West Sanitary District, our Co-Sponsors: Coastal Fund and IVCRC, our food sponsors: Pizza My Heart, Woodstock's Pizza Isla Vista, Giovanni's, Silvergreens, Monster Energy Drinks. And thank you to Al from Hempwise Isla Vista for the awesome donations and to the UCSB Women's Rowing Team for their donation as well.

A massive thank you to the volunteers that showed up to help clean IV (our program would be nothing without you!): Theta Pledge Class, Office of Student Life, Resident Halls Association, Phi Iota Alpha, Alpha Gamma Omega, Circle K International, Lambda Theta Nu, UCSB Health and Wellness, UCSB Grad Students Association, Phi Sigma Pi, Regents and Chancellors Scholars Association, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Gamma Alpha, Sigma Theta Psi, Delta Delta Delta, the Excursion Club, SBCC Geography, and all of the UCSB Resident Halls that showed up. AND all of the volunteers that showed up that were not part of an organization.

And a special thanks to UCSB's Circle K International Club that volunteered to help run the program and did an outstanding job!