Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign-up to come and volunteer?
If you would like help come and beautify Isla Vista by partaking in litter-removal please call to set up an appointment at 805.968.2017 x 24 or e-mail

What are the Adopt-A-Block hours of operation?
Adopt-A-Block operates 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. Monday-Saturday.

What hours can I come and volunteer?
Volunteering hours occur from 9:00-4:00pm.

Can I receive community service hours for volunteering?
Yes, absolutely. At the district we provide forms which we sign for you to return to your agency or organization to receive community service credit.

Do I need to sign up in order to volunteer?
Adopt-A-Block appreciates when volunteers sign-up ahead of time so that the Adopt-A-Block Supervisor will be in the office when you come and volunteer. This allows the Supervisor to show you where the cleaning materials are located outside the office as well as inform you which area of Isla Vista needs the most attention.

Does Adopt-A-Block work with individuals from the Santa Barbara Probation Department to work off hours?
Yes, Adopt-A-Block offers a program with those individuals who need probation hours completed. In order to utilize this program the Santa Barbara Probation Department must get in contact with Adopt-A-Block.

What kind of projects do the Community Service Workers complete?
Community Service Workers depending on how many hours they have to complete will volunteer for the district by collecting trash and recyclables in Isla Vista or various painting projects to clean-up graffiti in Isla Vista.