The Isla Vista Love and Remembrance Garden at People's Park captures the collective spirit of collaboration that is currently taking shape in Isla Vista. The public art installation, in the form of a botanic landscape, will meander between IV's Peoples and Perfect Parks, dedicating a poetic space for contemplation and celebration in memory of the student lives tragically lost almost a year ago. The effort demonstrates the capacity for the IV and UCSB communities to come together and create a meaningful place for public commemoration and healing. The initial partnership, between project artist and creator, Jordan Killebrew and the Isla Vista Recreation and Park District (IVRPD) has since garnered the support from local business, public historians, librarians, and craftsmen as well as the UCSB Office of Student Life, Associated Students, the Panhellenic community and the faculty and students of the UCSB Departments of Art. Click here to read more about the Isla Vista Love and Remembrance Garden at People's Park in Isla Vista.