Parking Citation

Isla Vista Recreation & Park District (IVRPD) have now started issuing parking citations in IVRPD owned parking lots, pursuant to IVRPD’s Parking Ordinance 77-01. If you have received a parking citation, you must comply with the following:

You must either pay or contest this citation within 21 days of receiving parking citation. Failure to respond to this citation may result in one or more of the following:

a. An additional penalty amount will be added

b. Your next annual vehicle registration may be withheld

c. A civil judgment may be issued against you.

Failure to respond to multiple violations may result in immobilization or towing and impoundment of this vehicle or any other vehicle owned by you at your expense pursuant to CVC 22651.7 and CVC 22651 (i).

Information about paying or contesting the parking citation is provided below.

To pay or contest a parking citation

Payment Instructions: Payments should be made by check, money order, or cashier’s check payable to:

Isla Vista Recreation and Park District
C/O Parking Citation Service Center
PO Box 11923
Santa Ana, 92711

Or by Credit Card via the Website:



Isla Vista Recreation & Park District’s parking ticket appeal forms can be accessed online. To contest a citation, please goto the following website and click on "Contest Citation".

Contested citations must be submitted within 21 days from receiving citation.

The results of the contested citation will be mailed back to you within 90 days, if undeliverable this could result in late fees.

Should the appellant not be satisfied with the results, they may request a second level Administrative Hearing by IVRPD’s appointed Hearing Officer in accordance with Section 40215(b) of the California Vehicle Code. Appointments to appear before the Hearing Officer are scheduled by appointment, depending on the Hearing Officer’s schedule at IVRPD. To be eligible for an Administrative Hearing the request must be received within 21 days of the mailing date on your initial contest form results letter or you will forfeit any further right to contest this citation.

PRIOR to the Administrative Hearing, the appellant MUST PAY the parking penalty fee first at (more information can be found there). (Recipients of AFDC, SSI/SSP, unemployment or general assistance as well as displaced homemakers are exempt from paying the penalty fee prior to the administrative hearing.)


Parking Citation Appeal:

Parking Citation Appeal Link