Parking Permit


Isla Vista Recreation & Park District is now offering parking permits that can be purchased for use at the Estero Park Parking Lot (889 Camino Del Sur) and Perfect Park Parking Lot (977 Embarcadero Del Mar). The current parking permit fees are as follows: $15 – Daily, $40 – Weekly, $100 – Monthly.

Please note that parking permits are very limited and you should call the District office to ask about availability. To receive a parking permit, a “Parking Permit Information and Registration Form” must be filled out and approved by the District. The form can be accessed below. The “Parking Permit Information and Registration Form” outlines the rules and regulations for parking. You are required to show proof of current insurance coverage prior to signing this form.

If you have specific questions or are ready to obtain a parking permit, please make an appointment with Cathy Millar by telephoning (805) 968-2017 x29.



Parking Permit Forms:

pdf Parking Permit Information and Registration Form

Important Information:

pdf Parking Ordinance